Skin contains vital structural proteins that provide support, keeping the skin looking taut, young and fresh. As the skin ages, elastins and collagen begin to lose their resiliency, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Unfortunately, at the same time, the body begins to lose its ability to produce elastin and collagen at the rate it previously did, which further contributes toward the aging process and causes skin to become thinner and prone to dryness. At this time proper hydration of the skin becomes even more important. Since the skin’s own healing mechanisms begin to decline and ultimately stop functioning, the skin becomes unable to repair itself or receive nutrients, resulting in wrinkled and saggy skin.

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Desire to have beautiful skin at any age, coupled with advanced research and technology have resulted in a huge increase in products for aging skin. In addition to the choice being overwhelming, many skin care products are simply not affordable to the general public. But the key to effective skin care for aging skin is simplicity. The desired results are simple: young-looking, smooth, clear, healthy skin. So, an effective skin care program should be simple, too.

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Marketing schemes employed by the skin care industry want consumers to believe that skin care must be complex in order to be effective. They want consumers to purchase expensive products that have been endorsed by celebrities who apply the products day and night. While false advertising and a lot of hype might lead to a great deal of sales, they also lead to many disappointed customers. But, on the positive side, the continuing advancements in the development of anti-aging skin care means that more and more products are becoming accessible to the general public.

If you’re making some decisions about the care of your skin, here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Sun Protection

Proper protection with sunscreen and clothing should be used regularly to protect the skin from sun damage.

  • Hydration

Drinking lots of water hydrates the skin and protects it by flushing out toxins and chemicals that lead to damage.

  • Know What You’re Using

If your skin care regimen contains ingredients you can’t pronounce it might be too complicated. Select products that contain 80% active ingredients.

  • Effective Cleanser

A cleanser that lightly exfoliates, cleans the pores and conditions without leaving residue is perfect.

  • Flexibility

Hydration, healing and renewal are important to your skin. Use products that allow for flexibility in use to suit the changing needs of your skin.

  • Product Penetration

To provide the greatest benefits, products for aging skin must penetrate the skin, rather than just sitting on the surface.

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